06 February 2007

You can only keep five things you have. What will they be?

- In what I thought would be the increasingly inaccurately named Tuesday tales, but which are actually deadly accurate. After just one week offline. So far...

(I would say my kids, but even though they're 5 they're hardly things..)

1. My cell phone. Sad, but true. We didn't have one until about 7 years ago, then we shared one for a year or two. Until I became addicted and bought another for my dear hubby...
2. My beloved iPod – including the music on it, of course!
3. My bed. I’m sure I could sleep in a different bed too (after all, I always fall asleep the minute I decide to, wherever I am), but I quite like it…
4. A working internet connection. Aarrrghhhh. I don’t know if it really counts as a material possession, but these last few days at least have shown me that I can’t function properly without one.
5. There’s got to be five? Hmm. Oh, well, the computer! Not much point in an internet connection without one…

And here’s to hoping I’ll be properly connected by next Tuesday!


Devil Mood said...

I'd have to say my computer too, with all its contents...I'd survive with that. No. 2 lipgloss; no. 3 a pair of tennis shoes; no. 4 my notebooks and no.5 ...moisturizer!
But it depends on the situation.

"D" said...

interesting. I'm so different! I'd take: my computer (cuz of all the photo's on it) my mom's bible, my pillow, the box of my childhood photos, and my address book. That should do it. hmph, of course I'd take the kids but honestly? I might leave the animals to fend for themselves... I"m so tired of doghair and cat puke. Sigh.

Chloe said...

internet connection
face cream


Claire said...

You made me laugh "d", because I think my pillow might have to be on my list too. :)

Definitely my computer.

Do I get to keep the clothes on my back/shoes or do those count as items?

If I take my wallet, can I acquire additional things later? If not, then I'm thinking photos though I'm not sure which ones I'd grab.

My guitar.

My car, definitely my car. It's transportation and a place to live. :)