17 March 2007

Beautiful spring morning in Oslo

Brought the camera to town Friday morning, and took a few photos on my way to work. It's not Porto, it's not Lisbon, but it's not all that bad when the sun is shining...
Nobel Peace Prize Centre
Fishing boat just come in

Aker brygge area
Oslo City Hall
Akershus fortress
Soldiers going to work at Akershus
Spring cleaning
Tordenskiold, naval hero and somehow related to me :)
No, it's not your eyes, it's the 300 year-old gate!
Oslo Stock Exchange


Devil Mood said...

The sun makes everything look better, definitely! It's nice, I like the boats, very Viking ;)
I just didn't know soldiers worked heheh

Claire said...

Definitely looks warmer than here... and pretty spring like. Nice!

kimananda said...

Yep, you have a beautiful city there...I was equally impressed the one time I was there (for 7 hours, but good Spring daylight hours).

Vesper said...

jeg vil gjerne reise til norge!!!!

thanks for posting the photos!