01 March 2007

Laughing girl

You really ought to see Dad at Comedy Barn first - that's what she's laughing about! But this girl just killed me!

I didn't laugh yesterday, though - I went to get a new passport, and the guy wanted to put me down as "grey-haired". I mean, hello!?! Would I look like this if I was going abroad? So I told him I was "between hair-dressers" and eventually talked him into putting down some sort of dark blond. She who laughs last...


Devil Mood said...

Oh my God, the girl is like a chicken! I couldn't stand to listen to her for more than 5 seconds!
Grey hair?! No!
"Would I look like this if I was going abroad?" - lol, that cracked me up!! :)

Merujo said...

Going through German passport control a few years back (with a passport that was still valid, but issued in 1987), I was lectured about how I no longer looked like the person in the photo, and now that I was "so much older" I needed a new one. I told the guy, in German, "thank you, and you look lovely, too!"

My "new" passport has a horrid photo. I look drugged out.

And my hair? I don't even know what to call the dye color it turned out this week. "Not quite red"? "Supposed to be blondish-brown"?

Merujo said...

BTW, the Sasquatch and I both laughed ourselves silly watching good ol' Dad at the Comedy Barn. That was hilarious!