03 March 2007

Current favourite daydream

I'm in San Francisco. (I'm going there, right? So far, so good.) I'm out walking the streets. (Do Americans walk anywhere? Ever??)
I'm probably in the Castro (my niece lives only a few blocks away), and my nieces and sister are in some shop or other (actually, that could be true..). I'm not only walking the pavement, I'm listening to my iPod (now, I've heard the Castro is friendly, but really, I don't think I'd be carrying it along on a shopping trip, there could be straight robbers about...)
(Straight iPod-robbers in cunning disguise)
Anyway, the dream substance hasn't even started. Because as I'm walking there, outside the shop(s), listening to music... ... I spot Rufus Wainwright & his beau across the street (well, it could happen, right? Right???). And I can't help myself, but cry out "Rufus Wainwright!" (yeah, right, as if any Norwegian would shout out anything, ever, without unbelievable amounts of alcohol aboard. Did I mention that I don't drink? Yeah, I think I did...). Oh, I forgot to say, there's no traffic. Anywhere. Makes it all the more realistic, doesn't it :)

And the dream continues...

Rufus' Jörn looks up. Heard me, obviously. They stop. And I go over to them. As if that would ever happen (did I mention I'm of a fairly Norwegian disposition when it comes to outspokenness & outgoingness? Hm. Think I did)... They ask me what I'm listening to. I answer "Rufus Wainwright" - obviously. But it would be true. I can't stop listening to him. So I tell them just that. In German. (I haven't had German for years but I think I could cough up just that sentence. Really. Especially since practicing throughout this repeated daydream!) Jörn smiles. We talk a bit more in German. Rufus can't quite follow, but there's a convivial atmosphere...
(Rufus out walking. I told you he would be, didn't I!?!!)
- When my sister & nieces are done shopping, Rufus & beau have moved on. But we've exchanged phone numbers (sic!) and e-mail addresses, of course. Which I expect them to totally tear up as soon as I'm out of sight (figuratively - people don't often tear up their mobile phone contacts...) (incidentally - I was wondering why they opposite of "literally" isn't "illiterally"? Would make things a lot more fun. Anyway, I digress).

But they don't. I'm back in Norway, I receive a phone call from my new best friends. Rufus is giving a concert. In Berlin. (I believe they actually live there, so it might happen, right???) And they wonder would I like to come? Oh, and while I'm at it, would I like to invite some of my bloglings? (Apparently, we must have touched upon the subject of blogging during our hearty talk back then.) I list a few that would love to go - just a shame they're in the US, Canada, Greece, Portugal... No problem, Rufus pays for them all to come over. And we have a whole, lovely blogRufusrallyconcertweekend on our hands.

- Care to join?

(Now you may wonder - wherein lies the improbability? Oh, there's just the one, tiny snag. The fact that things never go according to plan... *sigh*)


Claire said...

re: Americans and whether we ever walk anywhere, what's funny is that SF was the one place I essentially walked everywhere. Too hard to park. :)

Julie said...

That's true! It's impossible to park in this city. People in California walk more than people in other states though, but that's nothing compared to us norwegians ;)
I like your daydream, we'll make shure to let you have some alone-time in the Castro :)

kimananda said...

San Franciscans do walk, and not just because of the parking situation. Can't speak for anyone from elsewhere in the country, but SF is a great walking town. Could be related to the fact that there is a reasonable amount of public transport there.

Moncrief Speaks said...

People in California barely walk at all. It's specifically people in San Francisco who walk. It's a city quite unlike the rest of the state and country. New Yorkers also walk a lot.

Rarity said...

Dream on girl, anything is possible!