03 March 2007

The dollar's sinking

My blog is worth $156,942.12.
How much is your blog worth?

I did one of these about a year ago (? can't find the post again...) - and my blog was worth about $ 2,000. Obviously, the dollar's dropping like a rock!


Merujo said...

My blog isn't worth much at all. About $15K! (I think it's following my own real-world personal "fortune.") ;)

Devil Mood said...

You know what my blog is worth?
What are the criteria anyway? Oh what do they know? My blog is top stuff! :)

Violet said...

If only they'd show you the money, eh?

kimananda said...

Wow...mine is only worth about 17000...so does that mean that my blog can come talk to your blog if it needs a bit of a loan, then? ;-)

Riannan said...

Mine's $5,645. Sob.