05 February 2006

Fairly accurate :)

You're a Stuffed Animal!
Everybody loves you, though most of them are truly ashamed to admit it. You love children most of all, though you're not really all that expressive of your emotions. You're not terribly active, and end up spending altogether too much time in bed, although most people secretly suspect that you really love to take trips and travel around. A kid at heart, you'd be a lot better off if no one ever grew up. You are most annoying when stuffed into the back of a car.

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Sam said...

I'm a rhinoceros.

just sayin' said...

I'm a Cobra!
"With front teeth just a little longer than average and a strange way of bobbing your head back and forth, you've always seemed a tiny bit menacing to others. You can't help these minor physical trends, but you do have this nasty habit of sneaking up on people and scaring the stuffing out of them as well. You've always been fascinated by India and feel like people would appreciate you more there. On the plus side, you do everything you can to help maintain others' health insurance benefits."

Chloe said...

blech, i'm a dove! how pretentious of me :(