13 February 2006

That's it, I've officially joined!

What, you may ask? Well, I'll give you some alternatives:

a) the Foreign Legion
b) the Salvation Army
c) the Monty Python's flying circus
d) none of the above

Talk amongst yourselves for a minute now...

Yes, most of you got this right! I have, in fact, joined the Bluddy List of Great Novels. So from now on, you'll not only have Rarity's well-founded thoughts and philosophical meanderings around the bookshelves, you'll also have my odd post there, probably hailing a book you didn't know you wanted to read. Knowing you all I've even left a link on my blogroll so that you may find it without further ado also in the future...

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourselves over there immediately!

Oh, about c). Just wishful thinking, I'm afraid. Possibly spurred on by the fact that Mr. John Cleese Himself will be visiting Norway in May!


Riannan said...

BTW, I just recently found out Mr. Cleese was a lawyer before he became a comic actor. Wonder if he was a funny lawyer.

Rarity said...

I'd like to say it's really nice to have a fellow blogger over at the BLoGN!

And I must apologize for the way it looks now. SO many books from the original list where picket by great bluddies I simply didn't have time to include a review. Anyway I love that you're in!