14 February 2006


My feelings about this day is best wrapped up by this quote from a colleague:

"I will tell my wife I love her any given day, but NOT because it's expected from me!"

Unfortunately, my hubby's rather taken with the idea of Valentine's day. (Which is quite new in Norway. Not that he misses out on a chance of telling me about his feelings other days either...) And with all the attention that goes with it I guess I just might mellow in time!

Meanwhile, this little fellow turns 16 today! A little friend (or not so little anymore!) who was also enjoying Crete and the Harley back in '94...

Now you judge for yourselves, who is cuter - Ulrik, or St. Valentine?


Cathy said...

I agree with that quote!
Take care of those little ones today and yes, Happy Valentine's Day too :)

Merujo said...

Cute kidlet!! :-)

Valentine's Day is such a big marketing and money-making and guilt-inducing day over here. Hopefully, Norway can keep it relatively consumerism-free! (I will likely spend my Valetine's Day evening having an inexpensive sandwich with my best friend, whose lovely girlfriend is in Norway, actually.)

"D" said...

I like Valentines Day just because it's one more chance to make my lovey's feel 'extra'loved...not with flowers and diamonds but just extra hugs and a special treat for breakfast - and to tell me friends in a socially acceptable way that, gosh darn it, I love them! My 'little one' turned 16 a few days ago too... sigh.

Siljemor said...

Happy valentine på etterskudd! Jeg har aldri feiret dagen selv, men jaggu fikk jeg roser på døren.

Når det gjelder studentavisen, blir ikke sakene lagt ut på nett - hittil - men du kan lese om oss i redaksjonen på www.norgeskreativefagskole.no !!

Laaang adresse ja.