12 January 2006

Five weird habits...

From Redmum - who thought all Irish bloggers had already done this meme, so she tagged everybody else ;)

1. I'm right-handed, but can write legibly with my left hand as well. Even better, I can write with both hands simultaneously. From the middle to the sides, or meeting in the middle. One will be reversed writing, of course.

2. My hubby and I have lasagna every Friday night. It's been like that for about ten years, and we're looking forward to it just as much every Friday.

3. I tend to tap rhythm with my left hand. Not only if I'm searching my lovely iPod with my right, but at any given moment. (Provided there's music, at least in my head.)

4. I daydream in English, and in Trebuchet font (this)... Since when? Oh, incidentally since September, when I started blogging...

5. I wear holes in my shoes - even thick winter boots - where my big toes are. After only one season. I believe this comes from the angle in which the toes grow, happily pointing upwards.

Ok... People who get tagged need to write an entry about their five weird habits - as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged. Hmm. Only five?! And I'd really like to learn more about the weird habits of all my bluddies... Oh well, I know Rarity of old, and Sam's already revealed he likes to say things that Hugh Grant might have said in a film... Then there are my Norwegian bluddies who I'm sure have interesting habits but whose blogs most of you can't read... So I hereby ask Riannan, Chloe, "D", Claire and Cathy for their five weirdest habits!


Sam said...

I regularly reveal awful habits on my blog. Some you may not have heard yet...

1) I can't walk back along the street where I've already walked.

2) I restack the dishwasher after other people have put things in because I don't like the way they do it.

That's all I'm prepared to say on the matter.

Claire said...

I'll have to give it some thought.

"D" said...

I'm way too weird for only 5! but I'll try for my weirdest 5 and get my kids and husband to help me figure which ones to post! I named a few in my Thursday Thirteen (#8 lists them!) You need to post a pic of those pointy toes!

Connie and Rob said...

Hi I found your blog by way of Chloe.

If you are really busy I bet that writing with two hands can be very helpful...like maybe writing the grocery list with one hand and leaving your honey a sweet little note with the other!

Nice list! I had to do that this week also.

Feel free to stop by and check out my blog.

Riannan said...

For your information, Scholi, I have no weird habits.

Guess I'll have to make some up...

Cathy said...

I just saw this now; sorry!
I will add them to my post :)

Chloe said...

I almost never answer the phone.
I listen to CDs, radio and TV in the background simultaneously.
Cold water has to be served in a cold glass.
I sweep the floor with the old fashioned broom, then use the vacuum cleaner as a dustpan to just collect the dust.
I eat my soup burning hot.


Claire said...

Ok, it's up at my blog finally. I guess it's only been two days, but that feels like a long time in the blogosphere.