02 January 2006

7 things

Seven Things That Attract Me To Blogging

1. Having an excuse to write
2. Reading other peoples writing - or excuses to write :)
3. Making 'bluddies' all over the world (the downside is, there are so many to miss when I have no time for blogging!)
4. Learning a thing or two about templates, html and the like (I know,
Rarity, I still ask too many questions!)
5. Not watching tv half as much as I used to!

6. Daydreaming in English, and in full sentences, for later use on my blog
7. Enjoying every moment ...

Seven Things I Say Most Often

1. I'll just check my mail [not blog]...
2. Don't bite / hit / pinch / ... your sister / brother!
3. This bluddy just wrote that...

4. Yeah, right
5. I'll write about that on my blog / I just wrote about that on my blog
6. It's not me. It's a quote.
7. Ah, when can we go back to Greece?

Seven Impractical Things I Think Would Be Really Cool Anyway

1. A mute control to silence the kids at least a few minutes every day...

2. - and I'm blatantly stealing this from Chloe - A people downloading machine. You just need fast access to the internet and presto! Your online friend of choice downloads in your living room.
3. A de- and re-materialising machine for whatever work my employers feel I need to do as a secretary, so I might work from home... And for the massive xerox machine at work!
4. An automatic hot chocolate blenderheaterdispenser-thingy. Oh, I got this for Xmas ;)
5. An alarm in the freezer that goes off if the pizza room is empty (as if that would ever happen...)
6. An automatic packed lunch producer! (To prevent
7. A
REAL Babel Fish (:


Chloe said...

Great List! I can't forgive myself for not thinking about the mute control to silence the kid. well done!

Riannan said...


Scholiast, Fragile, above, did a post on 7 things in about half-a dozen categories. Are you willing to complete the challenge? I am thinking about it myself. (also link to Houston Bridges from her post to see his list).

just sayin' said...

Ever since Pricess Leia first appeared in a halogram message (original Star Wars), I have been waiting for inventors to use this technology to give us instant access to people. Wouldn't it be great to have some of Shakespeare's plays acted out in your living room?