15 January 2006

one hundred and three thousand

No, I haven't had 103,000 visitors to my blog. And I haven't won 103,000 kroner in a lottery. (I think.)

But - that last thing was my 100th post - and visitor no. 3,000 came by sometime last night. So - I'm pretty content with my little hobby here! And I am truly grateful for each of you visiting, to think you'll not only stop by but actually come back again! It makes me feel I've got true friends around the world :)

So, in celebration of no. 100, here's a few posts revisited:

From September: about my granddad
October had me thinking about this
I seem to have had a lot of time on my hands in November - and I'll have to get back to Looking dignified... with the photos of the Harley as well, of course!
My most visited post ever was also in November
And this was rather fun (the joke not being on me, for once) in December.

And because I feel I need some colour in this post, I'll put in one of Jakob's drawings. Yes, that's him in a Liverpool kit!


Cathy said...

Congrats and nice picture:)

Siljemor said...


Midt inne i byggearbeider-diskusjoner har jeg da tid til å besøke mine yndlingsbloggere.

Man har ikke eget kontor for ingenting!

"D" said...

awww, cute picture! I was just weeding out old school papers from my crew and got all teary over old preschool art. Geez these kids grow fast!

Rarity said...

Great drawing!

Chloe said...

what talent!
great picture xx