26 January 2006

Fun exercise (2)

We've already been through this. There's no such thing! But hear me out...

1. Carry loads and loads of documents from the archives at the end of the corridor to your desk
2. Take the scooter (sic!) down for more paper.
3. Repeat 1 and 2.
4. Pack all documents in boxes, stuff them in the elevator, go down to the basement.

Open the door to the main archives. Take a quick look and learn that all the boxes you're supposed to be throwing away (i.e. have destructed) are furthest in. And the floors are already covered in sacks of papers that have already been 'chosen' for destruction.

Now, let the fun begin!

Hold on to the shelf railings and climb over to the files you need. Throw them, no, hurl them over in the general direction of the doorway. Repeat. Again. And again. Etc.

Climb back. Stack all the papers in thereto suited rubbish sacks. Notice how they cover every inch of available floor. Start folding the now empty boxes.


Bring in all the boxes you brought with you in the elevator. Start with A1 and put it in the now empty shelves. Balance them in one hand as you climb the shelves with wobbly knees yet a firm grip of your "free" hand. Put the box in place. Climb back. Get A2. Repeat. Etc.

Now, when you get to about M4, you realise there's not enough space. Clear the top shelf with extra large boxes. (Place them on the floor. On top of the other extra large boxes. Who needs to be able to open them anyway...) Move A1 to the now available space. Climb to get to A1. Etc. Etc.

When you reach W2, realise you're out of space. The room's out of space. You're actually running out of room. (But not running out of the room, as you're stuck in the shelf. Remember?)

If you don't believe me, you should try. It really is heavy work!

Doesn't sound like fun? Oh, but it is :) It doesn't quite have the woohoo or the yihaa of this, but it certainly has a yabbadabbadoo and a Tarzanic aaaiaaayiaaaa...

Possibly, you must have 5 quite young, rather loud kids awaiting as only alternative to enjoy this as I did, but hey, you should see my biceps now ;)


Riannan said...

You make it sound so attractive...But possibly more attractive than pointless and endless exercise repetition...Maybe I'll try HOUSEWORK! That'll put a bump on the biceps.

Claire said...

I've always enjoyed climbing around. I once had a day gig sorting out a storage closet of films and tapes. The room was probably 12 feet high with shelves all the way up. To get to the upper shelves you had to climb half of an old folding ladder and then stand on the few free inches of filing cabinets all the while hoping the shelving was attached to the wall as you grasp it for balance.

good times.

And throwing stuff into crazy piles is always pretty satisfying to me. Sounds like fun.

Cathy said...

is this what you do?...

Chloe said...

i posted a reply to my blog for you but don't know if you saw it there. I don't have access to the old address and i had emailed you the new one. In case you haven't seen it it's smoshogianni@hotmail.com
So i haven't got your mail!
Many hugs, take care of those biceps xx