06 January 2006

Recipe of happiness

50 fingers waving
10 little arms outstretched
10 glittering eyes (2 squinting) smiling
10 feet stepdancing with joy
10 cuddly cheeks (2 with dimples) waiting
5 LOUD and happy voices sounding

All this for the arrival of ONE mum. Every day.

Surely, I must be the luckiest person on earth!


Rarity said...

I should think so! :o)

btw them kids are quite lucky too!

mum said...

I agree, and the best is that you are recognizing it!!Would have been nice if Gratitude had been one of the words most frequently used?!
Love, Mum

Husker Du said...

Hi Happy Mama and Καλή Χρονιά!!
btw, i'm coming to your place at the end of February, err...almost, i'm going to Sweden :)

< Klovnefisk ><((((º> said...

Hei! Og takk for første kommentar i min nye blogg ;) Morsomt. Jeg synes det er fint med folk som er åpne. Og som legger ut bilder og skriver om seg selv på den måten - det er vel de bloggene jeg kanskje leser mest i, for det er jo spennende å få ta del i folks liv på den måten :) Kanskje kommer det bilder av meg etterhvert også - når den verste paranoiaen har lagt seg ;)

Hmm.. Burde kanskje skrevet på inglisj her... Hihi. Men kopierte mitt svar fra min blogg til din, så det får bli på norsk denne gangen! :)

5 barn? Oi! *imponert* Det må være fantastisk! :)

Cathy said...

Sounds like a perfect recipe to me!

"D" said...

There is a lovely Christmas story about a mamma who wants Santa to make a clone of her. When he does, she see's the clone getting all the hugs and sticky kisses, all the "i love you mamma!"'s and she decides to give back the clone and resume being #1 mamma... I know that it will be all too soon when there are no more little hands clutching me...

Last Girl On Earth said...

You really are a lucky girl! That IS a lot of eyes staring at you in the morning!

Thanks for de-lurking over at my place the other day. It's great to meet you "officially"! I've blogrolled you so that I won't be a stranger over here! Hope you have a great week!

Last Girl On Earth said...

Actually, what I meant was... I just moved you up on the blogroll. You were already there!

Merujo said...

That was such a lovely little post. It almost made me cry. I'm the last of nine children, and my mother always said the birth of each child was like "the very best Christmas present ever." I have no children, and single at 40, I likely never will. But I can feel the happiness and contentment that radiates from my friends and sisters who are mothers, and I think it's so very cool.

Thanks for sharing that lovely, warm thought. You are lucky, indeed. :-)

Jannicke Valen said...