23 April 2006

For the barbarians 1)

The below means simply (more or less literally): "Happy Easter and Happy Resurrection!" The photos are of mageiritsa (Easter soup), celebrating Easter and tsoureki, Easter bread. Then: "Next year Easter will be at the same time in Greece and in Norway - we'll try to celebrate it in Greece - we hope!"

1) Barbaric: uncivilized, not Greek (or Roman), foreign, rude. (...)
[Did I not mention I've also read ancient Greek at the university? Basic part of general education...]


Devil Mood said...

Aahhh, now I get it ;)

just sayin' said...

When I was growing up, the Easter meal was all about ham. Later, I discovered some folks ate lamb. Your food is quite exotic in comparison.

I wonder if the coffee cake my mom served at Sunday breakfast was her version of . . . nah.