17 April 2006

No 6,000 = Mystery shopper?

Statcounter just threw the number 6,000 in my direction, which I'm very pleased with, of course - but the person(s) hitting that exact number remains a mystery to me.

Of course, I don't know every address visiting. But this one in particular comes from Drammen, Norway, and has made 124 visits and counting. Now, I do know a few people from Drammen, but I didn't think any of them knew about my blog, let alone read it - so this may just be a fan? A mystery shopper?

Not that I'm in the least bit curious. But show yourself! Erh, please...

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Merujo said...

I hit 30,000 this morning, and StatCounter has given at least three people the impression that they were #30,000...

The wonders of technology!

(Did you spend your Easter reading crime stories?)