08 July 2006

1 year ago today (or Home Alone part 1)

Last summer I was also home alone, and surfing the net. (What's new?) But exactly 365 days ago I fell over Josh and Josh's blog! This post was the first I stopped at. God only knows what I was googling when I landed there... That was their "old" blog. I read everything. Now, you probably think I stayed up till 3 to read their new one as well? Pah. Did not. Stayed up till 4.30, actually... It's one of the very few blogs I've read every post of - their old and new. They've been very inspirational in my making my own blog.

Then it isn't so strange, maybe, that Harvard's probably very precise and accurate research came up with this:

It also turns out I have a slight preference for dark-skinned people compared to light-skinned people. Which would explain the get-a-tan-NOW-frenzy I used to get every summer... If you're unsure whether you are as biased as I am, you can take the test
here. And I'll try not to hold it against my poor, white, straight hubby when I see him again next Friday...

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