14 July 2006

Just for the fun of it

... and because it's free...

I've opened a new domain, www.scholiast.tk, that seems to only work every now and again, but if it does work, it will lead you directly here... So should you - for whatever reason, I cannot think - forget the word "xrisimopoio" or even "Not quite The Spectator Essays", but manage to remember "scholiast", you're home free..

It's the Pacific island of Tokelau that has decided to give away domains to the needy (or just greedy, or inquisitive minds), go ahead and have one for yourself!

And now I'm off for real, will be back in computerland some time next weekend.


Chloe said...

thanks! i did it too!

Rarity said...

Only, I tried to comment on it yesterday - after following the link and I just couldn't get the verification image thingy to show... but I still think it's pretty neat!