05 July 2006


Yesterday my hubby and the kids drove off to the cabin, to stay for three weeks. I'll be working another fortnight. So - left to my own (de)vices, what did I do?

First, my contribution to society, donating a little blood. (Don't look if you don't like that kind of thing...) No, reallly, I think everyone who can ought to do it, I've been doing it since I was a student.

Then I met with my childhood friend M who works in the same building as the above hospital unit, and we sat out on a street cafe. The sun was baking, we had so-so iced coffees and became so dizzy in the heat I didn't manage or even remember to take any photos...

In the evening I went to football practice. Cycling to and fro, as the rest of the family - as is fair - had taken the car.

Made it home just in time for the semi final were Germany was luckily beaten, well-deserved by the Italians! (Notice the great, new bike, by the way...)

And if you think I'm not really blogging at this hour - sadly, I am... But now, off to work!


Devil Mood said...

That's such a thick needle!! :/ Ugh...hate needles ;)
I miss riding my bike, mine has a flat tire and you can't really ride here in the street because there's too many ups and downs and crazy traffic ;(

Claire said...

That's some picture. I'm glad I'm not squeamish about such things. :)

Donating blood has been on my mind of late...must work out my timing to do it.