13 July 2006

Leaving Europe - or entering?

As of first of July, we've officially split with a substantial part of Europe. Connex gives up after four years, and we've just got back our more reliable bus service.

You know, I've felt sort of at home when I've read about people in England or France complaining about their Connex bus services - we've had just the same complaints in our local papers.

But now that's over, possibly the buses won't even a) be too late b) be too early c) not show up - we'll be totally separated from the rest of Europe.

Incidentally, someone showed me today a brand new reason why Norway ought to join the EU (and that wasn't to be able to exchange words about Connex) - namely this:

It reads: "I feel that Norway should join the EU without delay. Not for any political or economic reasons, just to stop Sweden and Finland from looking like a big cock and balls on the new euro coins. Andy Dunn, Stroud"

I always knew there had to be a reason I'd overlooked, and there it was! You may now all cut and paste Norway onto the photo to see how much better it looks...

For your information, I'll be joining my darling hubby and kids on our cottage / cabin (whatever) on Friday. Don't know if I'll post anymore before then, but I'll be back. Don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again...


"D" said...

safe travels! enjoy being with your babies again!

Devil Mood said...

lol I never noticed it, it's quite obscene!
Have a safe trip and a great time :)

Jon said...

If you thought the Connex bus services were bad, you should have seen their train services.

The services were so bad that they lost their franchise in the UK, which is a bit like a MEP loosing his/her seat for being an ineffectual, time wasting, perk driven, politician - it almost never happens!