08 July 2006

Scholiast's facts about gardening

Did you know that:

1 - even if you don't have green fingers you can still have green feet? (That's our doormat. Noone should be surprised it looks like a football pitch...)

2 - a pine cone that gets stuck in a lawn mower will suddenly free itself with amazing speed and shoot out in your face?
3 - a wheelbarrow full of freshly mown grass is not enough to hide the stench of cat poo, somewhere in the middle of it all?
4 - there are reasons why people (other than me...) wear gloves when they cut raspberry bushes?
5 - (whatever Newton said:) apples fall upwards? (At least tiny green apples. Cf. # 2)
6 - homegrown strawberries make for the greatest lunch ever?
7 - if you came over here you could have all the pinecones you wanted? There'd be no end to the number of cone-animals that would be made...
8 - blisters can burst and start stinging even before you knew you had them?
9 - three straight hours of gardening make the sound of a coke can being opened the most desirable sound ever?

10 - this is my 200th post?

1 comment:

Sasquatch said...

Just tell me you didn't mow the lawn while wearing sandals...