12 July 2006

Greece is out - and I'm not talking world cup (for once)

Just in case you hadn't heard -
Greece isn't allowed in on any international footballing from this moment on. (Actually from a few days back.)

If you want to know why and how and who it'll affect, you can read EllasDevil's post on this.

I'm just feeling bad about it even given all the reasons. I screamed like a madman (well, mad woman) when Greece because European champions two years ago, and I'm proud there's a Norwegian who's successfully trained Olympiakos to another league triumph. I'm even proud - still - about the Norwegians that used to play in Greece - Mykland for Panathinaikos and Sundby for Iraklis Saloniki, since you ask ;) - even if it's been a while.

But at least I hope they won't be coming to collect my kids' kits... Here (half) seen in Chania, Crete, last summer, wearing their kits with pride (Thomas obviously wearing it with pride somewhere else, as he's not in the picture...), Anna in a sort of Greece-coloured cheerleading costume. Oh well, anything looks good on her...

Any opportunity for a connection, right?


Devil Mood said...

Oh your kids look so cute in that picture :)
I think they'll soon get back on track, I think they're taking care of their football regulations now. Two years ago I too screamed like a madwoman because of Greece but I'm sure that not for the same reasons you did ;)

Tiverius said...

Don't worry anymore.There is a new law in the parliament,and we are back to competitions!
There was another Norwegian played in Greece.Trod Haugland.He played for my team,Ionikos,but left cause he was afraid of the earthquakes! :-)

Bill said...