31 August 2006

August 31st

Today is our anniversary... Well, not wedding anniversary, but getting-together anniversary. 11 years today! Which means there must be pizza... We had pizza on our first "date" (it wasn't really a date) and have had pizza on this day every year since.

Someone asked how I knew it was this exact date - and assumed it had something to do with jumping into bed. Now I'm not going to tell you when we first jumped into bed, that's not your business ;) (But that we have, on occasion, is hard to deny, what with all those kids around...) I was in effect stalking this bloke, my colleague. Or wooing, as it were.. We'd "happened" to meet socially too (he wasn't that hard to woo...), and we'd had a meal or two together, but no flirting - as such - and no kissing at all. And to think in 4 months we were engaged, 5 more months, married..

But I know the exact date is today. 11 years ago, after work, I went with him to shop baby clothes - his brother's third daughter had been born in the morning (and happy birthday to you, J K, even if you don't read this), and he claimed he needed help with the shopping. Right. He already had three nieces and a nephew and babysat frequently, so I didn't buy into that, but pretended to, of course.

I was due to meet a girlfriend after work, but she (along with everyone else) had been hearing so much about him that she practically threw me off and sent me along with him to finally hook him... And after the shopping we were hungry, and went for pizza. Then he walked me home, as gentlemen do. Walked me all the way home. Followed me inside, I think we were leafing through old photo albums or something. AND talking. A lot. We always did. And do.

Eventually, he got up to leave. Eventually there was a goodnight hug. Eventually the hug turned into a kiss... And what did I say, my first, romantic utterings after 8 months of hard work?

- Now my friends will be really happy!

He laughed. Wouldn't I be happy...?

Yes. I was. And still am. So happy endekiversary (that ought to be a word!), hubby!


kimananda said...

Happy shopping-and-pizza-versary!

Chloe said...

you described it all so well. happy anniversary and all the happiness in the world to you two.

"D" said...

awww! Enjoy that pizza - hope it's followed by a kiss!

Violet said...

happy anniversary!

Rarity said...


Devil Mood said...

Oh, I love these stories :)
It's really nice that you choose to celebrate it and with pizza (but of course, now I know that in Norway they eat the most pizza in europe)...
I tend to say really stupid things on those moments too lol

Riannan said...

So how come you remember the exact date?
And that pizza looks awsome. Pepperoni, my favorite. Can I come over? I promise I won't get in the way.
Oh, and congratulations!