30 August 2006

How much do you know about Norway?

Firstly, when I said Norwegians were "childishly optimistic" I was being nice. I think "naive" is the correct term... Why? Well, listen to this -
- "we don't have to save up, our oil will last forever!"
- "everybody knows about Norway, the nation that brought peace to the Middle East"
- "oh, and to Sri Lanka"
- "and there's the paper clip, still"

Secondly, a quiz about Norway's appropriate about now. Here, let's see what you make out of this...

Thirdly, I really must not stay up this late... Darn msn ;)


Julie said...

Uff, kan jeg virkelig kalle meg norsk etter denne testen :S Jaja, kl er snart midnatt - jeg skylder pa det!

Violet said...

Do Norwegians hunt seals? 'Cos that's not a very childlike thing to do...

Sam said...

Oh dear. 10.

Rarity said...

C'mon Violet, how is hunting seal any worse than keeping poultry or furry little animals in tiny dirty cages all their life or slaughtering pigs and other live stock?

Really, is it morally worse to kill a cute animal than an ugly one?

Well, violet maybe you weren't even saying that at all - you only said it wasn't childlike... so don't mind my ranting! ;o)

Scholiast: sorry to go all politcal on your otherwise friendly blog!

PS! I only got 60 on the quiz... darn it!

Devil Mood said...

Really? The paper clip? lol
I did the quiz but I wasn't very good (40). Still, I learnt a little more about Norway and I'm happy :)

kimananda said...

Hey, that was cool!