12 August 2006

The end of summer

For me, summer isn't just getting away from work, or doing something fun with family and friends.

Summer is a feeling. A feeling like my skin's too tight, after hours in the sun. A glance in the mirror of a darker shade of pale on my skin, making me smile. A feeling of amazement at how white the kids' hair can get.

Summer is a feeling I love.

And today we're back from the cabin. The kids' hair is still white, of course. My skin hasn't really felt too tight at all this summer - that comes out best in Greece. (And if it feels too tight to handle, there's always yoghurt, soothens sunburn and prevents peeling every time.) I'm feeling rather melancholy. And it hasn't even started raining...


Devil Mood said...

I really know what you mean. My summer feeling faded too as soon as I came back from my holidays. And this year specially I didn't get much sun, so I don't feel that warmness and that feeling that I was soaking in the sun. It's always depressing to come back but soon we adapt back to our routines ;) courage!

just sayin' said...

welcome back. my partner is of finnish decent and is soooooooooo white. makes me laugh when she wants me to look at her tan.