20 August 2006

Quote of the day (# umpteen) with accompaniment

Me: Time for bed, Jakob, it's getting late, the others are already asleep

J: But I'm not tired!

Me (conclusively, I felt this was a real selling point): Yes you are, look in the mirror, the white in your eyes is red!

J: That's because I'm a
Liverpool supporter!!

He did, eventually, go to bed...


Now, does anyone remember the Russian song in this year's Eurovision Song Contest? Dima Bilan sang "never, never let you go" with quite a bit of moaning, a compelling pronunciation of the word 'blood', and with a lot more clothes on than he appears to have if you google him... You can hear the original here, if you like.

Now, my kids - and especially Filip - love this song. (I must admit I've admitted it (hah!) into my iPod as well. It kind of grows on you...) A couple of nights ago I caught him singing along with it - you judge for yourselves if his English isn't a match for Dima's :)

(He sings very softly at the beginning, but wait for it...)

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Devil Mood said...

lol, that's clubism :)
I remember that Chloe liked that song. I didn't find it very charming. But I'm glad you mention the eurovision because there's a norwegian song that I love from 1993, alle mine tankar...What does that mean? Does it have anything to do with dreams?

Devil Mood said...

He really likes the song ;)

Chloe said...

Dima rules!
Say rules with a strong l please.

By the way, my son wants to start a correspondence with your son, when he gets back in September. Let me know if it's a good idea. I don't have your email anymore, i changed computers, it's a nightmare!

Julie said...

Det hores ut som Jakob ja! Hehe.. For en morsom skrue ;)

kimananda said...

I love the pic! :-)

And, Ms. Mood, if I may be so bold as to translate a language I don't speak (well, it's basically the same in Danish), it means 'all my thoughts'...I believe.