08 August 2006

Finger analysis

You may have read or heard of the theory that the length of your fingers decide on your sexuality. Or, if not decides, at least tells the rest of us about it... If you're not sure what I'm on about, you can read about it here, here, and even here, if you like. As an example of heterosexual man I bring you this photo of Kristian Kjelling, purely because you can measure the length of his fingers on it, of course. (Yes, he's straight, at least his girlfriend & mother of his child likes to think so.)

But now it turns out that finger length also proves - or at least indicates - who'll be great footballers (yes, Americans, I do mean soccer players)... Research from the UK seems to suggest that good footballers possibly have a genetic advantage. Dr John Manning from the University of Liverpool (...) has suggested a link between the length of footballers’ ring fingers and their abilities as players. He found that elite players have longer ring fingers compared to their index fingers. (Remember that in gay men, this was the opposite...)

Players found to be in this ‘long finger club’ include Bryan Robson, Sir Stanley Matthews and Gazza (for the sake of public safety I'm not going to put a photo of Gazza here. Nor the smell of his breath (oh no, he wouldn't drink?), even if it should have been possible...) Dr Manning explains this unlikely linkage: “There is evidence that our fingers tell us how much of the male hormone testosterone we have been exposed to before birth. Early exposure to testosterone is important in males for the formation of the heart and in determining ability in spatial judgment.”


So here's yet an example of testosterone gone lost - this Mr. Kristian Kjelling is actually a professional HANDball player, with the Portland San Antonio in Spain... Should you be interested to see more (and I mean more) of this, erh, great personality, despite his obvious lacks in the finger / testosterone areas, there's quite a few good shots over here... Incidentally, he's also been appointed one of the best handball players today. In the world. Shame with those fingers, though..


Devil Mood said...

Oh God, your blog is getting more interesting every day!
According to the theories I'd be a great footballer as well, but ..sadly, I'm not. That specific theory sounds a bit silly but I like it anyway - I love theories :) The main one about the testosterone sounds more acceptable, I'm reading more about it now.
By the way, I got your postcard today - you don't kid around!

Riannan said...

Actually, you don't see any um, ahem, more on the link than on our photos.

I'm female. My index fingers are longer than my ring fingers. What the heck could that mean. (Maybe that I'm not a great footballer...)It works!