07 August 2006

Denmark (I)

Jakob rejoined our ranks on our first day in Denmark, much to our delight - not quite so much to his, as holidaying with our friends had meant freer reins than we keep... But still, we boldly went off to visit our Danish friends.

Last time we saw them, they'd bought and totally refurbished an old house. It was amazing - and we could not imagine anyone would ever move away from such a house. How wrong we were!

They now live here. It's not a fantasy photo - it's an actual house, they've even got a homepage for it, so it's definitely a home!

I'm not sure how to describe it. It's made of straw, as in a thatched roof, only the roof isn't thatched... (The roof's covered in blue mussels!) The straw walls have then been sprayed with a mortar mix, then painted. I have no idea what to call such a house, have you? Apparently, it's a technique much used in Canada. Not that I have ever seen anything like it in any photos from Canada ever, but perhaps I should ask a Canadian? (Cathy?)

Anyway, the house was amazing, it was beautiful, cozy, nice & warm, spacious - - just fill in positive adjectives here:

And the dining table - also made by our friends, who've built the entire house themselves - seated 5 + 7 with no problem at all. They've even got a view --- and if you know anything about Denmark, you'll know this is quite a feat!

This time, they're not moving house again...

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Rarity said...

What a very cool house!