10 January 2007


My visitor no. 14,000 came by - and even stopped for a while, thus coming back as visitor no. 14,002, for instance :) I'm guessing it's a guy, both since (s)he came from Josh & Josh, and since (s)he stopped for the longest time on a piece about Robbie... Statcounter claims (s)he's from "Vienna, Poland" - which confirms my now established theory on Americans' grasp of geography ;)

Yes, there was a visitor no. 13,000 - but that's probably bad luck, so I wouldn't want to out anyone...

Oh, and Devil Mood? You're number 14,120. Almost your birthday :)
(If you're wondering about the Mt McKinley -- it's 14,000 feet high, apparently...)


Devil Mood said...

Vienna, Poland LOLOLOLOL

I find it a little freaky that you can see whenever I come to your blog (I don't have that) and that you can see how I keep coming back in a squizofrenic timing..But that's technology for you! Or for me, in this case.

Devil Mood said...

You know what? I went and got statcounter and now I'll be turning into a control freak of my blog. And it's all your fault lol
I'm kidding. But that counter is scary, especially the part of the path...Is there any privacy in this world at all?