06 January 2007

Word of the day

New word, at least to me, and from the kids:


That's their description of the automatic taps that were in the city hall wardrobe.

Apparently it's not a new word to the world - but I still think it was rather inventive of them!


Tiverius said...

Happy New Year!
And to the subject now,there is a book with creation of new words in Greek.Most of them are so funny and they are not accepted by the Greek dictionaries.An example is Αλλοπάτι from Αλλός and σκαλοπάτι.So Αλλοπάτι is the step of the stair that doesn´t really exist but we try to step onto,when it´s dark or when you are drunk (it has happened to me) :-)
Automagical is really inventive!

"D" said...

well, the word is new to me, and totally cute! But I just read your last post on owning Canadians and my Chick and I were laughing sooooo hard! God bless you! What a funny funny thing to read!

Devil Mood said...

Did they say that in English or is it the same in Norwegian?
That's a great word, include it in your dictionaries!

Claire said...

I like it. And those taps are pretty cool when the sensors work!