16 January 2007

With MLK day just passed - tell me about causes

What Causes are you passionate about?
Wow. Causes with a capital C? Then I dare not say football... I'm all for human rights and such (of course...), but passionate? If something happened right at my doorstep I guess I might be, but I can't say I run about the place with banners and slogans, no.

Do you actively support a cause? if so what?
I'm a member of the Amnesty International, have been for years. We're also sponsoring two children in two SOS Children's Villages, Dimitra (15) in Greece, and Aliou (7) in Senegal. I don't know if that counts as "active". Sigh... (We do also recycle everything glass and paper, but that's no more than everybody does.)

What do you want to save?
What I'd really like is for the planet, all humans and animals alike, to be saved. Rather than to save them myself... I would, naturally, like to see polar bears survive as a species, I just really don't want to think too much about it. Cruel and selfish. Very self-protective, at least...

Is there too much conservation on any issue?
I don't think so - not rationally. But looking at the springlike "winter" we've got, and hearing people talk about global warming, I tend to turn away and mutter that it's too much, yes. More self-preservation, I guess. I'm getting real good at this. There are so many things closer to hand that I feel I must think about.

Cathy, any tips on leaving myself out of it for a while, and keeping conservation up front?

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