23 January 2007

This morning...

(A Tuesday Tale completely out of my own head...)

... what happened?
I got up at 6 as usual, but only got myself ready and left for work, hubby's taken the kids (and the car to the garage for service)

... any scent made an impression?
The smell of the woollen scarf (new-washed..) wrapped around most of my face to keep the -10C (14 F) out. A good smell, a smell of winter!

... and any sound(s)?
Must be – the sound of Thomas’s half asleep saying “you’re the best mum anyone could have” as I walked out the door. And Rufus’ voice singing “this love affair” from my iPod J

... first person you talked to?
My colleague E, we walked in at the same time. But as it was still really early and it wasn't much of a conversation... I talked quite a bit to r (on msn), though, before internet died down. I hate not being online...

... any plans for today?

Work, then go get the car from the garage at some stage, at least before the place closes at 5. Then try to avoid wathing TV 'cause there's really nothing on (I just checked)...

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