03 January 2007

Happy new year!

(Tuesday tale turned Wednesday tale...)

What is the best thing from 2006?
Hmm. Our winter and summer holidays, my travels to Lisbon and Berlin, the Robbie concert, getting the new job! Making new friends and re-finding old ones.

What is the worst thing from 2006?
Excruciating things like Liverpool not finishing top of the Premier league and Ronnie not becoming world champion... All in all, not such a bad year for me ;)

Did you make any resolutions in 06? Did you keep or break them?

Nah. Didn't make any. Best way to avoid breaking any!

Do you plan to make any for 2007?

I've made one this year. To be more present with my kids and hubby... It's not that I'm not there with them - it's just that I'm not there with them, I'm here... I'll (try to) become better at combining the two...

What are you looking forward to in the year ahead?

Summer. As always. We'll be going to Lofoten this year :) Also my trip to San Francisco in May! And this winter - apparently there won't be any snow... Oh, and world peace, of course...

What is the worst thing from 2007?

My mum's gone to Lisbon. That's ok, but she went without me. And now sends me mms's like this (see above, photo from hotel balcony). The nerve... (Ok, this question wasn't really in TT, I had to get the photo off my chest, didn't I! Looks as lovely as ever...)


Devil Mood said...

2006 was great, wasn't it? I hope this one is even better :)

I think I need to go to Lisbon soon, it's been too long.

kimananda said...

Hey, why don't you, I and Devil Mood meet up in Lisbon? It's always been too long since I've been there.