17 March 2006

21st Century farewell:

"Hi, nn!

I have come to the conclusion that it's impossible for us to live together. It's sad, but I see no other solution than us breaking up.

I wish to stay in my flat, so I have rented a terrific flat for you from this Sunday. It's in … and I've rented it for a month. I hope and think you'll like it.

Of course you'll have a fair economic settlement as well. I've paid your debts of X kroner and have deposited Y kroner [=a lot!] in your account. You can use the car until the end of the month, where I suggest you return it against the sum of Z kroner.

P.S. All locks in the flat have been changed. Your things have been neatly packed and put in the basement storage room where you may still use your key. I have also put a suitcase there with things I expect you might need in the flat that I have rented for you.


This is the actual note left by Mr. Anonymous a few weeks back, to his wife of less than a year. Now - I'd never suggest either of the two are simple persons to get on with, but is it just me, or is this rather tastelessly devoid of sensitivity?

(A true story, albeit not from any of my closest friends... And the original did have names and figures...)


Riannan said...

Pretty cold blooded. Wonder how passionate their life was.
Wonder if he's a lawyer.

Merujo said...

Omigod. How appalling! That's treating a spouse like some temporary employee.


People amaze me sometimes...

alexquinn said...

What to say? Materialism taken to a new level?

kimananda said...

Wow...I'm as close to speechless as I can get. I suppose he thought he was doing the right thing by not leaving her on the street? But still...wow.

Claire said...

It is cold and calculated, but somehow still strikes me as thoughtful (if the new flat is nice). Not thoughtful and considerate as regards to the emotional and why's of breakup, but at least to the practical.

Most people would be have to stay with friends or relatives or would be stuck in a very difficult living situation until packing and other arrangements could be worked out.

(I loathe apt. hunting though, so I'm surely biased.)

Scholiast said...

I thought so too...

Incidentally, this guy's richer than Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, the flat and the loads he left her in the bank are peanuts to him.

On the other hand, she'd got about as much as him before they got married, so I'm sure she'll get by.