13 March 2006

Really cool dudes (and dames)

I've had the chance to observe this phenomenon quite closely lately - it's been about -15 c (about 5 F) for days now. And what I've seen is mostly this:

Whereas this would be correct...
Now, I can understand insecure teenagers don't want to wear woollen hats and mittens and sweaters when they think it looks better wearing practically nothing - or at least baring their stomachs. And I consider underdressed toddlers the fault of their parents.
But why do grown people - men and women - go out in this cold without gloves? And hats?? And scarves??? Or even with scarves - but just loosely hanging around their necks, revealing their open shirts (and goosebumps)? I really don't get it. Now, I would have thought that by the age of, say, 40, people would be self-assured enough to dress like whatever they wanted. Why would anyone want to freeze?
Actually, the same thing happens during summer. People look out, see the sun, and walk out wearing practically nothing. It may well be 10 degrees (50 F).
Me, I'm boring, incredibly boring and sensible when it comes to clothing. Even at the age of 15 - at my mum's suggestion at buying new clothes - I'd say "why? I've already got clothes!" I just hate being cold. (I ventured out of my mittens to take this photo in the lift at work.)


Claire said...

I'm always bundled up as compared to my teen neighbors. I understand not wearing as much if it seems a lot warmer than usual. E.g., when it first gets to 50 F (10) after winter, I'll see people out in t-shirts and even shorts. I might step outside for a few minutes in a t-shirt and jeans if it's sunny. However, I'd be much less likely to do so in the fall after a summer of warmer temps.

(thanks for the temp. equivalents!)

Merujo said...

After more than a decade in Washington, DC's mild winters, I find I have a much harder time dealing with Christmases back in the Midwest - I just can't stay warm in the harsh Illinois weather. So, I'm bundled up so much more than I ever was growing up!

However, just to keep things in balance, it was 85F here in DC yesterday. Astoundingly beautiful summer weather in late winter. (However, it may snow this coming weekend. Go figure!)

Love the photo, by the way!

"D" said...

I think I was 34 when I finally caved in to wearing a hat... I froze my ears off at a nighttime outdoor event in December and just said, "to heck with what I look like, I'm COLD!" but I spent 34 years looking cool.. and goosebumpy!

alexquinn said...

You should only see what they wear over here in LPool. Skimpy skirts and something that just passes as a t-shirt. I freeze my ass off just looking at them. I follow you, Scholiast. Dress to the conditions.

kimananda said...

I know what you mean...but I'm guilty of it. In my case, the problem is I spent the first 30+ years of my life in climates where I didn't need to own a hat or gloves, because it was never cold enough to use them. The past several years, I've lived in colder places, but it is only now that I'm getting the hang of dressing appropriately for the winter...it's just such a pain to have so many layers!