27 March 2006

I'm back! But I don't want to be...

Lisbon was quite simply fantastic! I'll get back to the details later, as I will definitely be going back to Lisbon later... Tonight I'll just show you some pics to give you a hint!

Oh, and to any who may have noticed - yes, my practising Portuguese was indeed Brazilian, but that's the course I had, and it would be understood in Lisbon too, if only I'd learnt some.. Besides, I might be going to Brazil some day too, right?

My friend Børge and his Daniel were the perfect hosts, as expected - thank you for having me! Lisbon was spring-clad and I just loved the whole experience. Stay tuned for more... And if you ever have a chance to go to Lisbon, just go, no jump at the opportunity!

All that being said, it was really good to see my kids and hubby again! (The snow I really could have done without, though... And I'm still waiting for my suitcase to arrive.)


Chloe said...

i am stunned! green with envy but also happy for you.
welcome back.

Riannan said...

Totally gorgeous. I will definitely jump at it. (I've been visiting snow and loved it. But I rarely get to see it...).