28 March 2006

S. Jeronimo, Belém

Let me introduce you to S. Jeronimo and his church at Belém:

Quite possibly the largest - at least longest - building I've ever seen. (I walked through most of it, I thought, then realised half of it has been turned into a museum, and I hadn't been anywhere near it...)

To tell you the truth I got kind of lost in there, but somewhere inside was this monastery. Børge told me all about it and I should know, but I'm ashamed to admit I can't remember - still you can read up on the link I gave you...

The church was built on money from Brazilian gold, Vasco da Gama had paved the way (and is buried inside). The church is highly decorated inside and out, with oceanic motives as well as biblical and more "common" ornaments.

Grinning madly as I was for 4 days!

Incidentally, S. Jeronimo is patron saint of translators, did you know that? Which gives me the perfect opportunity to tell you about my new job; from June 1st I'm no longer a legal secretary, but back to my old trade as translator - I'll be working as editor-in-charge (is that a word?) for a dictionary company. I can work from home 4 days a week... The increased salary could pay for trips to Lisbon - with the entire family!


Merujo said...

Great pictures - it looks like you had a fantastic time!

And congrats on the new gig - translation is no easy job. I have several friends who are Russian/English translators and interpreters. It's tough work.

Welcome back!

Claire said...

Welcome back! That courtyard shot is my favorite. The whole place looks amazing. You look like you had an amazing time.

And congrats on the new job. That's fantastic!

lisa schamess said...

oooh I'm jealous. But that's not why I'm dropping you a line. Nope, this time it's for a perfectly selfish reason...I want to take advantage of that cool feature you used to have where a song would start playing for your visitors when we clicked on your page. I'm hoping to have that feature on my blog during April, which is Jazz Appreciation week in the U.S....what was the name of the service? I remember checking it out once.

Hope you are well. And what's the mysterious work new?

Riannan said...

The job sounds perfect for you. I'm afraid you'll be able to dictionary rings around the rest of us now. Have Mercy, Master! (sorry, "Mistress" sounded sort of S&M)

Devil Mood said...

That's great news! I'd love to be a translator and to have a job like that would be a dream :)
I didn't know St. Jeronimo is the patron of translators - I shall be praying for him, from now on ;)

Regarding the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, at least there's something to show for the money we had once. Maybe it should have been invested in something better but all the kings care about it showing off (at least it wasn't all spent in food and drinks)

Børge Skråmestø said...

Beauuutiful pictures! Especially the ones taken of you. I wonder who this talented photographer can be...?