06 March 2006


Just outside his school, Jakob and I saw two squirrels playing Tag.
This one stayed long enough to be photographed.

Down at the quay, there was no room for all arriving buses.

Hopefully, noone had been seriously hurt.


Now, work was no charm, though. One of my colleagues has taken this week off, so there was enough waiting! By the end of the day I'd managed working through this pile:

Yes, it's an old-fashioned thingamajig, but no, they haven't all got computers (sic!) so there's me typing it all out...

Possibly the Kalahari Typing School for Men would also do well over here!

1 comment:

Riannan said...

Good plan. You should talk to them. And the Ladies' Detective Agency, too. Never know when they might be able to help out your lawyers.