05 March 2006

Quote of the day (9):

Someone said:

Bringing up children amounts to just one thing -
teaching your children to be
able to postpone their needs.

Basically, if your child knows how to wait, you're home free...

I've been listening to 5 x "muuuuuummyyyyyyyyyy, you've got to ..." all day, I can't see it changing in the foreseeable future. Obviously it's going to take some more upbringing.

Patience to spare, anyone?


alexquinn said...

I just can't wait to have children. No, seriously. When I get them one day, is it okay if I leave them to you whenever I have to go out and do anything reminiscent of important?
No, seriously. If you feel the pressure becomes too much to handle, just get on a plane to this wonderful city and we'll hang out and have a pint.

"D" said...

someone else told me that I wasn't raising children, I was raising adults... that one always gets me!