15 November 2006

J'aime Paris!

Last night hubby and I went out. Again! I know, twice in less than a month is totally irresponsible... But we were given these free cinema tickets by some friends for our 10th anniversary in May, and now had to use the tickets before the 6 month date.. Baby sitters came with the tickets - the same as last time (sitters, that is, not tickets). The kids were just as delirious with joy...

I met up with hubby after my Greek classes, and we went out for a meal. Never mix wine and beer, right? ... Hubby had a lamb filet and I chose chicken breast. The room you see is more or less the entire restaurant, except for the table we were sitting at.

And then... We went to the cinema. The only film I've been wanting to see (Borat's not here yet), is Little Miss Sunshine. Which of course wasn't running Mondays. So we searched, then randomly picked "Paris, Je t'aime". 18 short stories all featuring Paris, and some element of love, but with nothing in common except that. (It was showing in a tiny hall, we were seated at the very back (row 8...), right in front of the machine room - here captured before the film started rolling..)

Loved it. Absolutely loved it! If it's on anywhere near you - and you don't (can't see why you should!) for some reason hate Paris - go see it!

We've both been to Paris before - but never together.. We'll try that on our next weekend off!

This last one is actually from the film :)

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