23 November 2006

Several reasons to be happy - despite the torrential rain

Liverpool FC won last night's game against PSV Eindhoven, and is through to the final 16. (Porto also won their game, as I'm sure DevilMood has noticed...) And there is more - Chelski lost. Hah... And Man United lost! To Celtic!! And what does Celtic and Liverpool have in common? Actually, quite a lot - but also the "anthem" You'll never walk alone.

... Which - not incidentally - is also the ringtone of this, hubby's new phone!

That's the Kop singing on his phone as well... We're not pretend fans! ;)

1 comment:

Devil Mood said...

ha ha yes, I did notice it, it was a great win :)
I didn't know Celtic also sang that song, I'm a little dissapointed in them - couldn't they be a little more original?

That phone looks very cool :)