08 November 2006

BBRRR… Did someone say winter?

No, wait, I've got the perfectest excuse! Yesterday I went to bed early. So. There. (And it's still Tuesday in Hawaii. And Tokelau...) And anyway, Tuesday Tales hasn't come up with anything new lately, so I had to browse November last year. Pah.

Do you like the colder weather, or are you into the hotter weather?
I don't mind the occasional cold day, especially not if it's like today - clear and sunny, yet cold and crisp. In general, though, I'm all for warm weather. I hate, hate, HATE freezing.

What is your favourite thing about winter?

The starry nights. The northern lights (well, when I was living in Lofoten we used to see them, hardly ever now). Staying indoors without feeling guilty...

What is your least favourite thing about winter?
The cold. Absolutely. Having to put 11 layers of clothes on myself - and the kids. So much we're hardly able to move...
- And then there's sleet and / or icy roads. Bah.

Do you have a favorite comfy, cozy lounging around outfit?
Not one in particular. Most of my clothes are comfy anyway. I have this thing about huge t-shirts, though, if that counts. And if we're talking winter - my Icelander!

What’s your favorite warm drink when it is just too cold out there?
Hot cocoa. Did I not tell you my dad gave me this cocoa maker for Christmas last year? It brews excellent cocoa. So good, in fact, if you have a mug you will not need dinner. For the next week... (I did mention the marsh mallows, surely...) All food groups represented. Of course. Very good for you.


Anonymous said...

Great shot of the Northern Lights! I have always wanted to see them, but have never made it that far north.

Kids Furniture Crazy

Sudiegirl said...

I like the cocoa maker...

I'm visiting because your blog was listed as referring to mine. Cool blog you've got here!


Devil Mood said...

Oh this is so cute! The sweater looks so cute there eheheh
Winter's not here yet but just antecipating the layers of clothes depresses me, that's what I hate the most.

Merujo said...

I have two rockin' cool Norwegian sweaters, but it never quite gets cold enough here in DC to wear them. (Plus, they look too good to wear!)

The cocoa maker looks awesome. I have never seen anything like it before. Fascinating! And now, I want cocoa... I blame you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's all.

Hope to come back for more!