16 November 2006

Online reading circle, anyone?

A friend just started this, an online reading circle, if you like. He writes:

Every week for the next ten weeks (through the end of January 2007) an excerpt of the weekly fiction and a link to the (free!) story will appear on The New York Fiction Club blog.

After you read the story, just hit the "Comment" button if you're feelin' it, and let it fly. Discussions are open. What worked for you about the story? What made it great? What prevented you from enjoying the story, what do you think would have been more effective? Did you like a particular detail, line, or passage? Did you find a character abhorrent or fascinating, did the storyline make you think of something that has happened to you? Let it all out.

- I started reading the first story, can't really continue during working hours, though, so I'll have to take the rest later... If anyone else wants to have a go, you're very welcome :)


Anonymous said...

I don't have time, unfortunately, but it's a great idea!

Devil Mood said...

sure. where is it?

Devil Mood said...

Oh there it is! It was really small and I was sleepy. What meme do you mean - the reading cycle?