21 November 2006

'nother Tuesday tale

What is your fav summer memory?
My first, and most favourite summers - probably Hvaler, until I was 12 or so. We'd drive south from Svolvær every summer, 1500 kilometres (932 miles) to see family in Oslo, then onward - about 125 km (77 miles) to Hvaler. (That's right. It's actually closer to Sweden.) Spending a few, glorious weeks there, with our summer playmates, and I can't remember it ever rained... I had three boyfriends (no, not like that, male friends) that I used to hang out with, they were eachother's cousins and stayed in cabins close by. There were no roads - and obviously no cars - on the island. We'd either walk to the shop on the other end of the island, or row to the shop on the next island when we needed something. We had to get water from a well nearby, and the outhouse was really not somewhere you'd want to spend a lot of time in... Possibly it was more of a holiday for us kids than for our parents! I'd still really like to go back one day, to see how it really was.

Also, I didn't dislike that summer when I was going to England - I had time off from the end of term at the university of Oslo (April) until term started in England in October! And of course, my 4 months in Crete in 1994 I would never have wanted to miss... Actually, all the times I've been to Crete (12) are my favourites too! This one's from Chania, last year.

Do you still take a summer vacation?
How can anyone survive without one?? I realize in some countries holidays is hardly an option but yes - absoulutely, we take summer holidays. Besides - the kids' after school care is closed through July, so they've got to have holidays..

IF so..where will you go this year?
I'm going home. I'm taking hubby and the kids with me to Lofoten. I was there two years ago, for a school reunion - the family hasn't been there since 2003. We spent 18 days there - and there was sun every day and night. That just doesn't happen... But it did! So we're hoping it will happen again... We haven't decided yet if we fly to Bodø and go on by coastal steamer, or perhaps should go by car. Those 1500 kilometres may not amuse the kids, though...

What is your least fav summer memory?
Least fav? Can't say there's a lot about summer I don't like... Must be when living in Svolvær, those summers we didn't even get to take our woollies off the whole year -- but that wasn't often. And you can't really tell from this photo that the water holds about 5 degrees C (41 F), can you...

Describe today for me, I want to experience it with you.
You do? Well, then you're a little late to begin with... I got up at sixish, got washed and dressed before waking the kids up (unless they wake up by themselves). Around 7.15 we were out of the house, and off to school. I made sure the kids started eating their breakfasts (packed lunch) before I left and set off for the boat. (Most days I go home to start working, once a week I work in town.) I have my own breakfast onboard (packed lunch). Full working day at the office, including packed lunch for lunch and at 4.30... Off to Greek classes at 5, where my father and 3 others joined me in our wait for our Greek teacher. Noone should be surprised he was late, he's Greek ;) Then my dad drove me back to the boat (it's not really that far, but it was pouring down - and besides, it gives us some time to chat), and I arrived home in time to kiss the kids goodnight. Then I donned my oilskin jacket and wellies and went off to shop some food, and later I sat down at the computer (sic!).

Ah, the excitement of it all...

Incidentally, if you'd like to tell your Tuesday tale, you can find out how here.

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Devil Mood said...

Wow, I love that picture!!
Ahh Summer, it's barely been gone from here but I already miss it :)