13 November 2006

Quote of the day (11)

A friend came back from abroad with a pair of jeans that fitted her 13-year-old daughter so well, the daughter immediately & joyfully exclaimed (and pardon her language):

"F***ing **ll, mum, have you mugged up my a**e?"

Such a gift of the gab... And I didn't know she'd even been to Ireland!

(Hmm. Well, she didn't quite pronounce all those asterisks...)


"D" said...

HAAAAHAAA! Lordy thats funny!

Siljemor said...

Her får det ene barnet spalteplass etter det andre!

Mener å huske det ikke var fullt så grovt på norsk, men hei - du er oversetteren!


Kryss said...

Just popping in from Tuesdays Tales to say hello and wish you a great week and say WOW!! Kids today. giggle

Devil Mood said...

lol funny story!