19 October 2005

7 things I ought to change about me. Probably...

1. I stay up way too late, blogging
2. I get mad at my kids just for biting me or eachother
3. I don't want to be a grown-up, so I leave responsibility to my hubby (he's good at it!)
4. I buy stuff I want (if it's not TOO expensive), I don't wait to get it for Christmas
5. I genuinely enjoy pun and games, I much prefer it to sombre politics
6. I dream about taking the family to Greece for a year, even though my hubby thinks 2-3 weeks are enough
7. I skip football (= soccer!) practice to watch football on TV instead
8. I tend to extend lists to fit in whatever I want

- Now complete with the answer to next post's tricky question! Read comment.


riannan said...

speaking of football, I dropped in on my parents today and caught the second half of Real Madrid vs. Rosenborg. Won't tell you how it ended, but it was great soccer. So cool that Rosenborg (hope I remember the name right) was from Norway.
P.S. Why are you cooking dinner on your own birthday?

Rarity said...

I wouldn't change any of those things except maybe no. 7. I say skip football and soccer practise to do something worthwile (read: NOT watch football, that's for sure - sorry, I just hate it)

Other than that (no. 7), you're a model citizen in my book ;o)

Well done, Riannan!

Scholiast said...

Answer to next post's physics 'trick' - according to the entire class of 3 A _and_ my own eyes seeing it performed here at our house - 30. Thirty. At the drop of the 31st, water pours out. If it's significant that the coins have holes in them, I don't know - I simply find the whole think unbelievable. Still!

Claire said...

Ok, surface tension it is then. Is it always 30? (Assuming the same size glass and coins). I guess assuming those factors it would be.

Scholiast said...

I guess it varies with the size of glass and coins. The 'lesson' is probably that way more coins wedge in than anyone would think before the deluge hits!