07 October 2005


Every Friday feels like a gift...

By the way, that job I was rambling about? That I decided I wouldn't go for anyway? I didn't even get it.. So much for working myself into a state about decision-making..

Oh, and I've been tagged by Rarity. I'll see if I can do something about it over the weekend. Probably need to clean up the house a bit before I do!

And you might not know this, but EVERY Friday, my hubby and I have lasagna for supper... We've been repeating the Friday menu for almost all of our 9 1/2 married years. Got tired of thinking of some special dish every weekend, so now we've only got to think of something for Saturdays. The kids? Oh no, they're well tucked into bed before supper's ready ;)

This weekend life as we know it will be put on hold - snooker's finally back! Grand Prix in Preston, England... At least for those who a) are in Preston, or b) receive BBC and/or Eurosport. (That's the Grand Prix logo, in case anyone wondered...)


riannan said...

Tagged: Are we supposed to clean up first? Is this a scam to get us to clean house?
Re: lasagna--I can't think of anything I'd rather eat every week.

Scholiast said...

We're probably supposed to NOT clean up first, to make a good photo opportunity.. But that would just be too embarrassing, right?

Rarity did fine, though, so we'll pull through..