01 October 2005

Should I stay or should I go?

I went to a job interview last week... Yeah, hurray and all that. But the problem is (ok, it's a luxury problem, I know, but still..) that I don't know if I want the job, should I be offered it.

I'm really happy with were I am now. My colleagues are excellent fun, and I look forward to going there most days. My tasks are, shall we say, varied - but never outright boring. And the job's very flexible concerning taking time off to take the kids to the dentist / football practice (which Americans still think is called soccer) etc. So why change a winning team, right?

Timbuk 3 used to sing:
"Fifty thou' a year Will buy a lotta beer". Now, I'm not really into beer, and we're obviously not talking dollars here, but - this new job offer involves quite a lot more money. (A lot, that is, for average people like us, not for people in that company in general!) And the tasks I'll be set to are slightly more challenging, or at least involves more of my university training than my current one.

But they're more strict about the comings and goings, dress code is way more formal (anyone who knows me knows that that does count..) and the colleagues - although outnumbering my present colleagues ten times! - can't possibly be as nice or as much fun...

All I know is, a higher salary might ease the strain on our mortgage, kindergarten bills etc. Does that make up for 8 hours of plain, boring work every day?

I think I've decided not to go anywhere. Gosh, I haven't even been offered the job, why am I rambling like this? Anyone?


riannan said...

If you tried the new job and did not like it would you be able to get the old one back?
Money is a consideration but obviously not the only one. But maybe you would like the new one if you tried it...
Not much help, I'm afraid.

Rarity said...

Well, at least you did the interview. Which is always a good thing!

Good for you, and if that made you decide to stay on where you are, so much the better - you've just learned to appreciate you current post even more! Anyway you win!

Scholiast said...

Thanks guys (eh, girls!) - running to my rescue as you are.. I wouldn't get the old one back if I left, so staying will probably be the best option! I'll keep you posted..