03 October 2005

Ecliptic struggles

I'm at home today, 'nursing' Jakob and Filip who've been coughing their little lungs out these past few days...

Which gave us the chance to see the not-quite-total eclipse of the sun this morning. Fascinating!

The struggles were in preparation, as I learned how hard wine bottles really are... Figuring coloured glass would provide the necessary protection watching the sun, I decided to break a bottle (no, it wasn't full, I'm not the one who's ill..) - and even with a rolling pin and a lot of inbuilt aggression it took quite an effort to smash it.. I did even wrap it in 3 plastic bags before breaking it. Feeling pretty smart today ;)


"D" said...

great photo... can you teach me how to do that? Now you can consider yourself an "educational site" due to the photo!

Scholiast said...

I'm sorry to disappoint you, "d" - if I said I 'took' this photo I meant like in the film Airplane - I stole it (from a newspaper reporting about the eclipse).
- But I'll try to be educational in other respects ;)