01 October 2005

I met my childhood hero!

This is me with 'Flode', from one of my favourite children tv shows way back when. And yesterday we finally met! (Ok, it's probably a new one, the other would be twenty-odd years and worn to shreads by now, but still!)

I'd invited my dad to accompany me as part of the audience for a tv show last night. Ok, it's the kind of show where you're supposed to laugh, but it's actually a lot of fun, so it's not that hard. Really! And my dad invited me out to dinner afterwards..

A hippo and a hamburger, and I'm happy...


Rarity said...

I can't belive you met Flode! You lucky, lucky girl!

And a free burger. And to think that's from the same wonderful man who once served me the best whale beef I ever tasted. (Whoa - boy, am I gonna get in trouble with the american readers, now! Reminds me of one of my earliest posts... it was all about Keiko)

Scholiast said...

True :) I wish people cared as much about people, as they do about whales..