14 October 2005

I hope this is not true...

Today the Norwegian papers brought photos apparently taken by and of Polish nurses supposedly watching over prematurely born babies.

They were toying with them! They took them out of their incubators, put them in their pockets (!), all while their food probes and chords of every kind were hanging off them. Apparently they'd let the babies on respirators be...

And all of this just because they were bored on their night shift!

I remember when ours were that small. They were sooo fragile. Less than two pounds each, to begin with. The chords were attached to these kinds of machines that go 'beeeeep' in ER whenever somebody dies... Luckily, our kids' machines never went 'beeeeep'! The readings, though, always dropped drastically if their surroundings changed. If they were touched (which was mostly painful for them, however gently), if the temperature dropped by 1/4 degree etc.

Apparently these nurses are facing at least five years in prison, and apparently none of these babies actually died. But I'm still hoping it was all a sham!

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"D" said...

No. Way. Really? Ack, now I want to throw up. I'm so grateful, really truly on my knees grateful that I never had to face anything like a too small or too sick baby.